Bollywood songs translated, in my style.

Bollywood: Hindustani language cinema primarily based out of Mumbai (nee Bombay).
Tarjuma: Urdu word for translation.

I love Bollywood and am passionate about translating beautifully worded poetry and songs to English and Hindustani. Hence. bollywoodtarjuma i.e. Bollywood Translations. There are many forums for song translations that offer literal meanings but leave me a bit agonized by not conveying the intention and context of the poetry. One fine day, I decided to create a space of my own for meaningful translations. Hence, bollywoodtarjuma was born.

This forum offers poetic meanings for songs, dialogues and poetry. It’s a space where I strive everyday to preserve the meanings of every word that is translated, hence many times I have to invent new phrases and metaphors to correspond to the original text. I want a song to be read as a song that can be hummed and enriches us at least a bit like the original words. Occasionally, I write longer introductory essays to contextualize the song, another effort to make sure that the meaning and intention of the poetry can be unearthed more evocatively.

I look forward to hearing from my readers and love trying my best on receiving translation requests. I also take up very selected translation and writing projects related to poetry, films and popular culture. If you wish to contact me, please write to me at or PM me through the Twitter page of bollywoodtarjuma.

PS: All original songs belong to the copyright owners. I have no intention of infringement, just a desire to partake in the joy those words bring to my world.

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