bollywoodtarjuma’s special tribute to victims of Orlando shootout and hate crimes all over the world.
Zindabad Zindabad, Ae Mohabbat Zindabad!
(victory forever for love!)


I have been enraged and agonized over the shootout in Orlando and other hate crimes all over the world. This translation is a dedication to all those who fought, survived or laid their lives to fight for the right to love against odds of culture, communities, language- barriers, caste, sexuality and social class. I offer you my highest respect and regards – Zindabad Zindabad (victory forever!)!

Maverick Bollywood lyricist Shakeel Badayuni’s words boom in the rebellious notes perfectly pitched by Mohammad Rafi and over 100 chorus singers in this song, which essentially hails love and its strength to withstand opposition and anarchy. The film, Mughal-e-Azam (The Emperor of the Mughals), frequently listed as one of the best films from Bollywood, is set in the reign of Emperor Akbar (1556-1605). Mounted on an epic scale, Mughal-e-Azam is one of the most expensive films ever made in India and was later re-released in 2004 fully colored digitally. The film  follows the doomed love story of Akbar’s son, Prince Salim and a court dancer, Anarkali. The historical accuracy of the account is questionable but it remains an iconic romance that withstood the might of one of the most powerful emperors that the subcontinent has ever known.

As the legend goes, when Salim learns that Akbar has imprisoned Anarkali, in order to separate the two lovers who belong to different social class, he wages a war against his father. He manages to rescue his beloved but loses the war and is to be put to death in full public view. As he moves towards his sentence, a defiant old man (director K.Asif in a special appearance) steps out and cheers him as a martyr of love through this song. He is later joined by scores of commoners, hailing Salim’s sacrifice and pleading for mercy for their prince. However Emperor Akbar relents only when Anarkali comes out of hiding and gives herself up to his law.

Song Credits
Lyrics: Shakeel Badayuni
Singers: Mohammad Rafi
Music: Naushad

Movie Credits
Directed by: K. Arif
Starring:  Prithviraj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar, Madhubala, Durga Khote
Produced by: Shapoorji Pallonji
Release: 5 August 1960

Original Lyrics-Ae Mohabbat Zindabad

zindaabaad! zindaabaad! ae muhabbat zindaabaad!
zindaabaad! zindaabaad! ae muhabbat zindaabaad!
daulat ki zanjeeron se tu , rahati hai aazaad

mandir mein masjid mein tu aur tu hi hai imanon mein
murali ki taanon mein tu aur tu hi hai aazanon mein
tere dam se deen-dharam ki duniya hai aabaad
zindaabaad! zindaabaad! ae muhabbat zindaabaad!

pyaar ki aandhi ruk na sakegi nafarat ki deevaaron se
khoon-e-mohabbat ho na sakega kanjar se talavaron se
mar jaate hain aashiq zinda rah jaati hai yaad
zindaabaad! zindaabaad! ae muhabbat zindaabaad!

ishq bagaawat kar baithe to duniya ka rukh mod de
aag laga de mahlon mein aur takt-e-shaahi tod de
seena taane maut se khele kuch na kare fariyaad
zindaabaad! zindaabaad!ae muhabbat zindaabaad!

taaj hukuumat jisaka mazahab phir usaka eemaan kahaan
jisake dil mein pyaar na ho, wo paththar hai inasaan kahaan
pyaar ke dushman hosh men, a ho jaayega barabaad!
zindaabaad! zindaabaad! ae muhabbat zindaabaad!

Translation of Ae Mohabbat Zindabad by bollywoodtarjuma

Victory, victory forever for love!
Victory, victory forever for love!

Love will always be free from,
the shackles of greed
be it money, be it muscle,
it will never concede.

In morals of mosques and temple halls,
Love flows with the flute,
and the prayer calls.
All the world’s religions,
are fearless with its vision.

Walls of hate cannot tame,
when love rushes like a hurricane
Love won’t submit to a massacre,
be it a sword or a dagger.
Lovers can die in a bloodshed,
but their chronicles are never dead.

When love becomes a revolution,
it can change world’s constitution.
Palaces of power can burn,
Narrow beliefs will overturn.
Love will stand tall against butchery,
never once it will ask for any pity.

Ones concerned with crown and legacy,
how will they have any integrity?
The heart where love hasn’t grown,
serves no human, just a stone.
O enemy of love, wake up to these cries,
Else, soon, you will be destroyed.

Victory, victory forever for love!
Victory, victory forever for love!