This is a sweet song of a playful conversation between two lovers, where the woman is adamant to leave and the man is asking her not to do so. The wonderful play of words by by Sahir Ludhiyanvi is complemented so well by the intoxicating singing voice of Mohammad Rafi. The anxiety, love and desperation of love is well captured in this song that goes from playful and flirty to serious and questioning in a gentle, yet decisive flow. I have loved this song for so long, but when I saw the colored version of Hum Dono on the big screen in 2011, I was mesmerized all
over again.

Song Credits
Singers: Mohammed Rafi, Asha Bhosle
Music: Jaidev
Lyrics: Sahir Ludhianvi

Movie Credits
Directed by: Amarjeet; Vijay Anand (uncredited)
Starring: Dev Anand, Nanda, Sadhana Shivdasani and Leela Chitnis
Produced by: Dev Anand
Release: 1961

Original Lyrics-Abhi Naa Jao Chhodkar

Abhi na jaao chod kar ke dil abhi bhara nahin -2
Abhi abhi to aayi hoo abhi abhi to
Abhi abhi to aayi ho bahar banke chhayi ho
Hawa zara mahak to le nazar jara bahek to le
Ye shaam dhal to le zara – 2
Ye dil samhal to le zara
Main thori der jee too lun nashe ke ghuunt pi to lun
Nash eke ghunt pi to lun abhi to kuchh kuchh kaha nahin
Abhi to kuchh suna nahin
Abhi na jaao chod kar ke dil abhi bhara nahin

Sitaren jhil mila uthe… – 2
Charag jagmaga uthe
Bas ab na mujhko tokna… – 2
Na barhke raah rokna
Agar main ruk gayi abhi to jaa na paungi kabhi
Yehi kahoge tum sada ke dil abhi nahin bhara
Jo khatm ho kisi jaga ye aisa silsila nahin

Abhi nahin abhi nahin
Nahin nahin nahin nahin
Abhi na jaao chod kar ke dil abhi bhara nahin

Adhuri aas… -2
Chodke adhuri pyas chorh ke
Jo roz yun hi jaaogi to kis tarha nibhaogi
Ke zindigi ki rahon mein jawan dilon ki chaha mein
Kayee maqam aayenge jo humko azmayenge
Bura na mano baat ka ye pyar hai gila nahin

Haan… yeh  kahoge tum sada ke dil abhi bhara nahin
Haan…an… dil abhi bhara nahin
Nahin nahin nahin nahin

Translation of Abhi Naa Jao Chhodkar by bollywoodtarjuma

Please don’t leave as yet,
my heart is still not content,
didn’t you just arrive,
like spring spread over a meadow,
please wait till the breeze is perfumed,
till the dusk spreads its wings,
and my heart steadies
as my eyes get tipsy,
and I live for bit,
sipping on your intoxicating beauty.
I am yet to say so much,
yet to hear you,
So please don’t leave as yet

The stars are sparkling now,
lamps are aglow,
don’t stop me now,
don’t block my way,
If I stay now, I cannot leave ever
while your silly heart,
will be discontent forever

Please not yet, not yet
No no no, now

If you leave me now,
Half-quenched and half-aspiring,
How will you stand by me,
When life tests us,
as we get lost on its curves?
I just ask you to stay,
Not as a complaint,
but just for love.

Yes yes, your silly heart,
will be discontent forever
Yes, it’s not content yet
please stay.
No no no no